10th Rallycontrol RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA

The Rallycontrol RACC reaches its tenth edition, and it is the third year that it is celebrated on the Salou promenade as a Radiocontrol 1:6 Off Road Race.

We are now reaching this third edition with off road cars, proud to have become the most important event on the international calendar of this category, after the success achieved in the previous editions on asphalt, for which we were honoured by the international federation EFRA as the best model car race of the world.

For this edition, we have already received confirmation of the attendance of the world’s best drivers in this category and of the best teams of seven different countries: Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Luxemburg.

The participating machines are prime examples of the highest technology available in professional model car racing and we will be able to watch the official teams of all involved makes such as Hörman, FG and Harm from Germany, HPI from Japan and Technokit from Italy, fighting against the successful Spanish brand Contrast (three times Spanish champion) which will be presenting their keenly anticipated and modern Contrast Fuego 1:6TT for the first time. With their high technology cars made of ergal and carbon fibre and more than 6 HP, the best drivers manage to make jumps of almost five metres and to reach speeds of more than 100 km/h, offering a big race show, hand-to-hand combats and striking collisions without consequences.

Spectators will be able to follow this big sports show closely, since the Rallycontrol track allows having a complete view of the layout without having to miss any of the race actions.

The Rallycontrol will be staged on a 250-metres track with artificial grass, including four big jumps, dips and several uneven sections. The drivers will drive their machines from a driving podium, a 3-metre high platform from which they will be able to see the whole track. The most interesting area of the track is however the pit garage area, where spectators will be able to watch the technical work of the mechanics on these powerful machines with a technology which is more similar to a Formula 1 car than to a normal car.

The event will last four days, comprising practice sessions on Thursday 4 October, and qualifying rounds on Friday 5, with a spectacular first night-run final. Saturday 6, will be time for the sub-finals until the big 30-minutes final with the ten best teams that will be staged on Sunday 7 October at noon.The highly spectacular high-level model car race will be back on the Salou promenade on October 4, 5, 6 and 7 accompanying the RallyRACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA. If you like cars, hand-to-hand racing, jumps and endless skidding, don’t miss the Rallycontrol on the Salou promenade.

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